Detail from collage sketch

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

One Evening in Early July

At last, a moment to catch my breath, inhale deeply, and exhale slowly. Summer has been fast and busy between work, side project, and now a printmaking class (monotypes, which I am is intense to cram a semester of studio in one month though!). Hopefully, new pictures will follow soon. Meanwhile a scrap of poetry:

An Evening in Early July

I walked out that evening
Into the wind struck sky
Thoughts fade
Caught in the majesty
Of a stormy landscape
Light danced across the air
And music resounded
Though the corridors of nature
Clouds like wings, faces,
And pieces unknown
Jut fearlessly upward
Thrusting their soul into the atmosphere
I am lost
Lost in a fleeting second
As the light fades fast
Into the rush of trees
Night and glowing light
Shadows cascade across the open window
As a cross breeze fills my heart
It is like rediscovering ink and brush
To be in a moment
That a bottle cannot hold
And photos can only echo