Detail from collage sketch

Thursday, January 27, 2011

And we're back...

After some delay, I am back in the studio again. My head has been out of commission for the last two months between my exit portfolio for graduation, filling out graduate school applications, Christmas, and work. I spent this past Saturday milling around the studio and pulling some experimental screen prints. I am trying to find efficient ways of screen printing without a frame.

And after some technical complications with class registration and financial aid, my semester is officially underway with Weaving and Renaissance Art History (I sadly had to drop my Multi-Cultural Psychology class).

Weaving has been interesting so far because I've been helping people dress their looms and even taught one of the class sessions! I was worried that I'd forgotten how to weave but the aforementioned situations quickly refreshed my mind. I am working on a larger (much larger) loom this time, a beautiful Macomber to be exact. First project: Learning double weave. What does this mean? We will all know what it really entails (my self included) in a few weeks but the basic ideas is that two pieces of fabric can be woven at one time, one on top of the other. More to come!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Latest Series

How time slips away with the wind! Above are drawings from last semester. Thank you James and John Holden for the photographs!

The idea of phonetic spelling has launched a new series of images made up of screen prints and ghost prints with acrylic on canvas. Words such as life, death, and hate are spelled phonetically with yarn to create a resist before the print is pulled. The words are stitched with yarn and the leftover string hangs knotted at the bottom of the canvas in space. These rather serious words have lost some meaning in this culture and we are prone to using the words like “hate” or “love” so loosely. Upon suggestion from classmates, these “heavy” words are juxtaposed with “light” almost random words such as “cupcake”. There are currently nine pieces in and I plan to expand the series!