Detail from collage sketch

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sheds and Things

Shed...why can't I find a photo online of a weaving shed? 10 p.m. on Sunday night I was looking for an image of a shed, which is created by harnesses on a loom lifting a certain set of warp threads. The photo was needed for an art history paper that was due the following day. The only photo I could find was on Wikipedia . The teacher had warned the class (in true Chip fashion) if he saw Wikipedia listed as a source for our papers, he'd shred the report before reading it. I decided to not press my luck, even though this was just a photo. I ended up using a drawn diagram of a shed. To the left is a photo of a shed I took case some poor art student out there finds him/herself in a similar predicament. You never know who needs a shed photo at 10 p.m!
The end of the my last semester at UNC draws closer and I am cramming for a final test and weaving (and enjoying the latter far more). I am quite content to end this semeseter within the same studio I began. I recall sitting in the fiber's studio two and a half years ago in a surface design class exchanging glances with the looms. They stared right back at me. A few may have even blinked! Ahh!...I hope we're not weaving! I thought to myself. Now look who's sitting at a loom!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Thread of Light

Those "three hard core days" of weaving over spring break entailed winding my warp onto the loom. I was in the studio alone in the sunny room as my phone rang and an unfamiliar number flashed across the screen. "Hello?" I asked. The inquisitive tone was genuine. "Hi, is this Raychelle?" "Yes." "This is ____ from The University of Kansas." "Hi." I said as the "H" got caught in the back of my throat. " I am sitting here looking at your portfolio and we're interested in having you join our program. Have you received other offers from any schools..." I can't quite recall everything he said after that because I thought I was dreaming! But I wasn't asleep nor was I dreaming. Last week I visited the beautiful KU campus and met some of the art department's amazing students and professors! All the art disciplines are in one building and the fibers rooms are on the 5th floor. Such a lovely view out the windows! I came back with new crackle recipes, some double weave patterns, a simplified method for ikat, and most importantly a renewed enthusiasm for the remainder of this semester. Studio 206 in Crabbe Hall will always be home to me but I know my time there is quickly slipping away and fading into a new chapter. Dare I say not just a new chapter but a new volume on the 5th floor.