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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sheds and Things

Shed...why can't I find a photo online of a weaving shed? 10 p.m. on Sunday night I was looking for an image of a shed, which is created by harnesses on a loom lifting a certain set of warp threads. The photo was needed for an art history paper that was due the following day. The only photo I could find was on Wikipedia . The teacher had warned the class (in true Chip fashion) if he saw Wikipedia listed as a source for our papers, he'd shred the report before reading it. I decided to not press my luck, even though this was just a photo. I ended up using a drawn diagram of a shed. To the left is a photo of a shed I took case some poor art student out there finds him/herself in a similar predicament. You never know who needs a shed photo at 10 p.m!
The end of the my last semester at UNC draws closer and I am cramming for a final test and weaving (and enjoying the latter far more). I am quite content to end this semeseter within the same studio I began. I recall sitting in the fiber's studio two and a half years ago in a surface design class exchanging glances with the looms. They stared right back at me. A few may have even blinked! Ahh!...I hope we're not weaving! I thought to myself. Now look who's sitting at a loom!

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