Detail from collage sketch

Monday, February 22, 2010

I'm not sure if I am quite ready to give up my umbrellas yet. The photos are from last Fall.

Then there are the nets...what?! Yes...I am learning to make nets. I wasn't sure why when the though crossed my mind until I ran across an old journal entry:

Once upon a time
Everything hinged on this emaciated web of lies
Created by assumption, presupposition, and expectation
I left it all behind and that chapter closed
I attempted to sever ties
But memories and emotions remain
I cannot seem to purge them
I hold a bucket of water
Should I leave well enough alone
Or should I destroy the web
And rewrite history?
What about a net on an umbrella?
Wait...doesn't water hit umbrellas?
The fabrication of shelter
which is really not shelter at all
but perhaps the idea or illusion of shelter
much like a parasol versus and actual umbrella