Detail from collage sketch

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Art Show Photos


Photo by Chuck Hanson

In Search of Catharsis

Photos by Jonathan HoldenRip, Stitch, Mend

Photos by Jonathan Holden

Friday, October 15, 2010

The Last of Summer’s Rain

Written August 7, 2010

My mind cannot help but wander
As I gaze across the barren desert
There in the distance
Blooming on the eternal horizon
A single cloud

Upon embrace
I realize how I have missed you
A silent piece of my world
There all along
Between the shifting shadows
And curtains of chiffon

In the heat of a summer’s day
I felt the swift rush
Of an evening storm
Through the tips of your fingers
My heart longed to be held captive
By your pouring rain

In that moment I felt electricity
Lightening grazing the earth
Illuminating the sky
And making my veins pulse with life
Still echoing in the canyons of my mind
As the sun peeks over the bluffs

Autumn Fire

My latest in progress project

Autumn sun and winter moon
The trees ablaze
The air alive
As I burn fabric
on the back porch
I am working on 4 wooden frames, hinged together like an accordion book. The frames were once covered in old, off-white paint and sticky gunk. I cleaned, sanded, cleaned again, adjusted screws, and re-painted the wood. From these frames hang sheer, layered, polyester fabric ranging from black and gray to white. This fabric burns beautifully! The light gray fabric was somewhat difficult to find. I bought the remaining 3 1/2 yards from Denver fabric online. When my order finally arrived in the mail, I felt like I had the last pieces of gray sheer in world!
The burning stage of this process (hence the mask) has started. I am trying not to get carried away by torching the whole thing so I have been taking this project a little slower. After the holes finished, areas will be stitched and mended. We shall see where this piece of string ends!