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Friday, March 4, 2011

Hot off the loom

I am now quite excited that this idea might just work! I pulled my weaving off of the loom on Thursday and I was so incredibly tired from a whirlwind trip to Seattle that I really didn't care. What you are looking at are two pieces of material joined together on the loom to make a tube structure (kind of like a pillowcase).

In between the two layers of fabric are segments of chicken wire that have been trimmed and sanded on a grinder to smooth out the edges as much as possible. The fabric now bends with the wire and holds its shape! I am not thoroughly thrilled with the combination of golden yellow and navy blue but the turquoise faux weft (I added most off the loom by hand) is improving the situation.
The next step is weaving a much larger piece using the same technique. Time for some math! One layer will be dark blue and the other layer will be dyed with some bright and juicy colors. I am not so sure what I will be using for the weft material though...I should have though that through when
I drove to Ft. Collins to purchase yarn! Sigh.
Hello afterthought! I'll figure something out. This will be done in time for submission to the student show in two weeks. I am determined! We know where I will be spending most of my spring break...

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