Detail from collage sketch

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sometimes you have to revisit the beginning
The answer is often in a previous piece of work

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  1. R,
    this is great, and illustrates how art reflects life (or vice-versa). I've often found that an answer to a problem on the canvas is found in a previous one: that I'd either forgotten it, or originally put it down out of instinct, and now it's time to learn the stroke with my head ;)
    Similarly, as you get older, you'll marvel at all the things you either learned and lived when younger, to find later that you'd forgotten, become afraid of somehow, or simply never knew fully with your head, and that now it's time to fully learn them.
    I love this blog: its openness, its depth, and the way it melds art with life. And in particular, I love this entry; this "sketch". -More, more more!