Detail from collage sketch

Saturday, September 25, 2010


I am currently having a love affair with indigo dye! A few friends and I dyed with indigo for the first time today. I prepped the dye vat yesterday with a few simple ingredients and instructions from Dharma Trading. Using the pre-reduced indigo crystals was far less complicated then making a dye bath from natural indigo. There is chemical magical in this process. The fabric is a yellow-green color for the first few seconds out of the dye bath;however, as the dye oxidizes, the blue begins to appear! Deep shades of blue are achieved by dipping the fabric into the dye multiple times. Photos are below. Hopefully more to come from this process!


  1. Raechel those are beautiful! They are even more fun now that i have seen where your work takes place and have an idea of how its done. Absolutely beautiful.

  2. R: Love to see you playing and enjoying God's gift of creativity so much! Beautiful work! Love,