Detail from collage sketch

Sunday, August 22, 2010

At last...

Finished piece in the San Juan Gallery in Pueblo!
Skirt on temporary mannequin
Wire mannequin in progress

I think it is done she said to her self
In the muggy air of the hallway as
Sunlight at 5 p.m. poured through the arched window.
Enjoy the feeling
This afternoon
This moment of now
On the last day of empty quiet before the first day
Of my last semester
The stand for the hoop skirt is now finished
Like everything else, the integration of the two became
This is by far one of the most challenging things I have had to stitch. It was difficult to pin the material to the wire to keep it from puckering. Working with invisible thread made the challenge all the more delightful. As I was working, I found that the rusted silk was becoming a skin. Though rust can cause atrocious corrosion to metal, is has done nothing to the galvanized wire. Likewise, time has not done a whole lot of damage to certain structure and expectations found in a variety of places.

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